What Are Hotel Pillows Made of?


All people are different, their spines, necks, and heads need different support. So mostly, hotels try to find something universal, convenient for anyone. There are several great options for hotel pillow stuffing:.

Duck or Goose Down.

Still, a popular option for most hotels because the material is exclusive. It’s soft, gives the feeling of luxury and royalty, and is a great addition to a lot of 5-star designs. However, in the vegan age, some hotels switch to the option where no living thing or their byproducts were used for anything.

Besides, down causes allergy in a lot of people, so it’s crucial to have alternatives on the “menu”.

Down and Feather Mix.

For more density and less danger of allergy, some hotels use feather and downmix for their pillows. It’s usually a 50/50 ratio, but you can find different blends that regulate the firmness. The look is still very impressive, and so if the feel.

Down Alternative.

The most popular type in most hotels is the alternative to down. Causing absolutely no allergies, pillows with down alternative stuffing give none of the maintenance and health issues yet the same pleasant 5-star feeling. This type is the most modern, following the trend of using no animal products in the manufacture.

Additional Pillows.

With more materials for pillows emerging in the latest decades, hotels have no choice but to add them to the “menu”. They perform very well, some are more squishy than soft, bouncing, others are remembering your position and help the spine, neck, and head adjust. These innovations include:.

  • Polyester pillows (also called microfiber pillows; the squishy ones, but always soft to medium-soft);.
  • Hollowfiber mix (firmer than pure polyester, also providing the squish);.
  • Memory foam pillows (with different height for back, side, and tummy sleepers);.
  • Decorative pillows (those who like high dense pillows sometimes use these as the main ones).

All of these are usually hypoallergenic. If the customer suffers from an allergy, different pillows should be presented for their choice. While the down and feather ones are classic luxury, more and more people nowadays are getting itchy and sneezy using them.

Looking into the linen closet, the visitors should find a lot of alternatives there for a classic down pillow.

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